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Stories from the South of Los Angeles

In a large city like Los Angeles, most of us see the diversity in neighborhoods as we drive through them. As part of a USC Annenberg project, these are a collection of multimedia stories from the neighborhoods that make our city so great.
Faces of the street
Close Me!

Faces of the street

By Greg Asciutto

Close to 9,000 men, women and children are homeless in South Los Angeles. While their struggles are similar, each has an individual story to share. Read More

  • Faces of the street

    Faces of the street

    By Greg Asciutto

    Close to 9,000 men, women and children are homeless in South Los Angeles. While their struggles are similar, each has an individual story to share. Read More

  • A walk in the park

    A walk in the park

    By Phoebe Unterman

    Meet the people who hang out in or pass through Chesterfield Square Park, one of South L.A.’s most vibrant community spaces, in this interactive multimedia feature. Read more

  • Students make a splash into underwater robotics

    Splash into robotics

    By Stephanie Case

    A South LA science studio gave teenagers the chance to dive headfirst into the world of engineering. Read more

  • Economic stories on the bus

    Economy and the bus

    By Mengyi Jenny Sun

    Many residents in the South Central L.A. area depend on the Dash Southeast for commuting around the neighborhood. Passengers on the bus share their stories and experiences of living in the area and discuss their thoughts on the local economy. Read More

  • Harmony project hits all the right notes

    Harmony project

    By Juli Ruiz

    From down the street in the heart of Leimert Park, music drifts through the air. Inside the historic World Stage, children gather around playing jazz music on a variety of instruments. Read more

  • Landmarks preserving history

    Preserving history

    By Christina Hong

    While most college campuses are built for the school, Mount St. Mary's campus was originally a century-old neighborhood called Chester Place that had only the wealthiest residents. Read more

Where words fail: Learning English, preserving heritage

South Central LA is riddled with Spanish-language signs and conversations. Now, throughout the neighborhood, kids and adults are struggling to learn English without sacrificing their own traditions.

Cycling on Central

With gas prices in Los Angeles constantly rising, bicycles have become the favored means of transportation for many Angelenos. For others, like Sam Rodriquez, bicycles are a passion that goes beyond just getting from A to B.

Clubs not crime

Schools and organizations in and around Vermont Square give students an after-school outlet, helping to keep violet crime down.

Students get another chance at college

With the help of outside non-profit organization, students get the assistance they need for a higher education.

Public transportation provides valuable service

Home to the nation’s second largest metropolitan population, Los Angeles has always struggled with the perception that its public transit system cannot meet its needs.

St. Vincent de Paul Church

Experience praying in a beautifully grand church covered in detailed architectural design.

A haunting past, a new beginning

Regina Clifton refuses to let her scarring past define who she is today, although she will never forget the events that forced her to grow up young.

Street food vendors cause controversy

Street food vending is illegal in the Los Angeles County, but for some it is essential to their livelihoods.

Historic Local Church Celebrates 100+ Years

Despite its rich history, 127-year-old Second Baptist Church's attendance is low. Still, members continue to celebrate as a "church family."

A woman feeding underprivileged locals

Pouring beans in a pot, boiling spaghetti, mixing up macaroni. Everything that Levira Pickett considers "routine," others consider lifesaving.

Granny's Goody Coffee: A rich blend

This clash of cultures doesn't always lead to tension - residents young and old, black and Latino, white and Asian have found themselves sitting side by side in a popular coffee shop.

Crenshaw's secret: Tak's Coffee Shop survives history

Beyond the gates of USC and within the borders of Leimert Park lies Crenshaw's secret, a coffee shop that provides more than breakfast and caffeine. Tak's Coffee shop has been creating memories for almost half a century.

Our multimedia stories covered the map

Six USC Annenberg classes went out to report and tell diverse stories from the neighborhood surround campus. Different parts of the map were handled by different classes. Click on the number to learn which class and to see more of their stories. Read more about this project.

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