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Social Justice in South LA

Voices of South LA | People from all over the Vermont Square neighborhood have issues and causes close to their hearts. Many are fighting for social justice or human rights. From fighting for higher education to celebrating asylum in a new home country, everyone has a story to tell.

Power in Political Participation | Residents of South LA differ in opinion on whether politics can bring about real change in their area. South LA Power Coalition works to give political education to residents of South LA, while other residents try to change their communities in other ways.

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Stories of South LA | Hear the stories of individuals in South LA. From those fighting for immigrant rights to those celebrating a new home country, every individual has a story to tell.

The Right to Seek Asylum | LEFT: Carlos Motta immigrated to the US from Guatemala and his wife Nelly emigrated from El Salvador.

The Right to Dream
| MIDDLE: Rocio Marrero is an undocumented student who has joined Dream Team LA to fight for immigrant rights.

The Right to Participate in Politics | RIGHT: Njideka Obijiaku works to educate residents of South LA of the power they can have in politics.